Measuring - Weighing - Organizing (2014)

Measuring - Weighing - Organizing

In her art, Mia Unverzagt repeatedly scrutinizes the ways in which our lives and the society in which we live are shaped by social rules and constructs. This has also been the subject of a great deal of academic work. For example, American sociologists like Erving Goffman and Richard Sennett have investigated how “frames” or scripts shape and govern our social behavior. The “scripts” that organize the film of life are no longer the same ones as in the 1960s. The teachings from that time seem antiquated and ridiculous to us now. But with her presentation, Mia Unverzagt implicitly asks us whether the instructions that govern our lives today are not perhaps equally clichéd and inflexible, and whether we are, perhaps, simply not aware of it. 

Ludwig Seyfarth

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